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CUPE Task Force on Governance survey available online now

This survey is an important part of the structure of the National Executive Board.

CUPE members are invited to participate in a new online survey on governance.

Please take a few minutes to do this survey, your opinion is very important.

CUPE’s National Executive Board (NEB) – Structure of the NEB (Article 7.2)

We currently have a 23-member National Executive Board. There are seven more seats on that Board now than in 1963, but it is still largely based on regional representation.

There are two full-time National Officers, and five General Vice-Presidents (GVPs). This is unchanged from our first convention. These seven positions still form the National Executive Committee, as they have since 1963.

There were originally only nine Regional Vice-Presidents (RVPs): 1 each for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec; 2 for Ontario, and 2 for the “Atlantic Region”. Over the years the number of RVPs has increased to fourteen.

The National Executive Board initially met a minimum of five times between National Conventions. It now meets eight times between Conventions.

The roles of the NEC and the NEB, as described in the constitution, remain essentially unchanged. And the roles of the two National Officers have seen only minor changes.