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MyStar12 courses and invite to webinar. CANCELLED


Join us for a one hour personal development webinar 

Business Ethics & Integrity:  

When:  Thursday, May 2 @ 4 p.m.

Where:  CUPE Local 3550 office, 14207 – 115 Avenue NW.

Handout for the webinar will be provided.

Light refreshments will be served.

Please email Mabel at by Monday, April 29 to register.

Star12 online courses available:


·      7 Magic Words for Dignity, Respect & Power

·       Active Listening Techniques for Effective Communication

·       Advanced Techniques for Microsoft® PowerPoint®

·       Are You a Good Listener

·       Assertive Communication

·       Assertive Communication Rights We all Have

·       Assertiveness Skills: A Guide to Positively Successful Communication

·       Avoiding the Top Ten Most Common Writing Blunders

·       Breaking Bad Communication Habits

·       Building Better Team Communication

·       Building Relationships—Increasing Your Chance To Shine

·       Building Trust & Cooperation Across Organizational Lines

·       Business Communication Strategies

·       Business Grammar Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

·       Business Proofing & Editing Made Easy

·       Business Writing & Grammar Techniques

·       Business Writing Essentials

·       Clear and Confident Communication Skills

·       Collaboration Skills in the Workplace

·       Collaborative Intelligence in the Workplace

·       Communicating Technical Information to Non-techies

·       Communicating Through E-Mail: Top 10 Dos and Don’ts

·       Communicating With Highly Sensitive People

·       Communicating with Power & Influence for Women

·       Communicating With Tact & Finesse

·       Communication- Utilize Persuasion Techniques When Negotiating

·       Confidence & Assertiveness Skills for Women

·       Conflict & Confrontation Skills for Women

·       Constructive Ways to Manage Anger

·       Create Better Understanding Through Active Listening

·       Creating Open Communication Channels in the Workplace

·       Critical Thinking & Problem-solving Skills

·       Defeating Negativity in the Workplace

·       Developing Trust and Respect in the Workplace

·       Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

·       Getting Results Without Authority

·       Handling Personality Clashes in the Workplace

·       How to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations In the Workplace

·       How to Handle Emotions Under Pressure

·       Interested in professional development?

·       Mastering Excel Functions & Formulas

·       Maximizing the Use of Excel® Dashboards

·       Navigating Gossip and Grapevines in the Workplace

·       Persuasive Communication: Building Trust and Influence

·       Proofreading Skills and Strategies

·       Secrets of Clear Communication

·       The Business Grammar “Crash Course”

·       Thinking on Your Feet: How to Speak Intelligently at a Moment’s Notice

·       Top Excel® Hacks for Every Day

.       Workplace Conflict Resolution for Managers and Supervisors