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MyStar12 invite to webinar May 16, 2019 and courses

The unique backgrounds and experiences of today’s diverse work teams help tap into fresh ideas and solutions. All these unique perspectives are perfect for effective problem solving.

How can you ensure each team member has the same understanding of goals and direction?  And that they feel comfortable speaking up, disagreeing, sharing information and contributing? By taking a closer look at how you communicate!


Join us for a one and half hour (1½) session

of professional learning                                     

Building Better Team Communication

When: Thursday, May 16 at 4:30 p.m.

Where: CUPE Local 3550 Office, 14207 – 115 Avenue NW.

PD learning materials will be provided.

 Interested, please email Mabel: by noon on Friday, May 10, 2019.


Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Recognize the 4 different ways people communicate
  • Listening—your most powerful and underused communication tool
  • Find out where communication typically breaks down between people
  • What to do when you’re challenged or put down in front of others
  • Critical how-to’s for giving instructions and directions—for fewer misunderstandings
  • Words and phrases you must avoid—and what to say instead
  • Body language: Learn how your actions can overpower what you’re actually saying

Star12 online courses available:

·      7 Magic Words for Dignity, Respect & Power

·       Active Listening Techniques for Effective Communication

·       Advanced Techniques for Microsoft® PowerPoint®

·       Are You a Good Listener

·       Assertive Communication

·       Assertive Communication Rights We all Have

·       Assertiveness Skills: A Guide to Positively Successful Communication

·       Avoiding the Top Ten Most Common Writing Blunders

·       Breaking Bad Communication Habits

·       Building Better Team Communication

·       Building Relationships—Increasing Your Chance To Shine

·       Building Trust & Cooperation Across Organizational Lines

·       Business Communication Strategies

·       Business Grammar Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

·       Business Proofing & Editing Made Easy

·       Business Writing & Grammar Techniques

·       Business Writing Essentials

·       Clear and Confident Communication Skills

·       Collaboration Skills in the Workplace

·       Collaborative Intelligence in the Workplace

·       Communicating Technical Information to Non-techies

·       Communicating Through E-Mail: Top 10 Dos and Don’ts

·       Communicating With Highly Sensitive People

·       Communicating with Power & Influence for Women

·       Communicating With Tact & Finesse

·       Communication- Utilize Persuasion Techniques When Negotiating

·       Confidence & Assertiveness Skills for Women

·       Conflict & Confrontation Skills for Women

·       Constructive Ways to Manage Anger

·       Create Better Understanding Through Active Listening

·       Creating Open Communication Channels in the Workplace

·       Critical Thinking & Problem-solving Skills

·       Defeating Negativity in the Workplace

·       Developing Trust and Respect in the Workplace

·       Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

·       Getting Results Without Authority

·       Handling Personality Clashes in the Workplace

·       How to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations In the Workplace

·       How to Handle Emotions Under Pressure

·       Interested in professional development?

·       Mastering Excel Functions & Formulas

·       Maximizing the Use of Excel® Dashboards

·       Navigating Gossip and Grapevines in the Workplace

·       Persuasive Communication: Building Trust and Influence

·       Proofreading Skills and Strategies

·       Secrets of Clear Communication

·       The Business Grammar “Crash Course”

·       Thinking on Your Feet: How to Speak Intelligently at a Moment’s Notice

·       Top Excel® Hacks for Every Day

.       Workplace Conflict Resolution for Managers and Supervisors