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Local 3550 Committees

Acknowledgement Committee – Sends tokens of congratulations or condolences in the event of the birth, adoption, marriage, leaves for health reasons or death of a member or a family member and makes other appropriate gestures in accordance with the wishes of the family.

Building Society Committee – Holds title to any real estate as trustees for the Local Union and has the ability to purchase, sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose of, or otherwise deal with the property of the society.

Bylaw Committee – Reviews the Bylaws annually and make recommendations to the Executive Board and the General Membership on proposed amendments.

Committee Against Racism and Discrimination (CARD) – Strive to eliminate racism and discrimination in the workplace, Local Union, broader labour movement, and society through education and participation in human rights and anti-racism activities both in and outside of the labour movement.

Job Evaluation Committee –  Provide information  to members on job evaluation processes and position descriptions.

Labour Community Advocate Committee –  Be aware of health and social services resources in the community and make this information available to member , and make referrals when assistance is requested.

Education Committee –  Gather information about educational opportunities of interest to the membership in order to provide members with the skills they need to be more effective union activists.  Review all educational applications submitted and makes the appropriate recommendations to the membership for review and voting.  Organize Local 3550 educational events.

Health and Safety Committee –  Work to educate members on the importance of workplace health and safety by promoting safe work procedures and environments so as to prevent illness and injury as a result of workplace factors.

Membership Committee – From time to time contact the non-members and promote the benefits of being a member.  Be responsible for maintaining an accurate and up to date attendance log at all membership meetings and ensure there is an updated accurate and complete membership list.

Negotiating Committee – A special committee established at least six (6) months prior to the expiry of the Local Union’s collective agreement and automatically disbanded when a new collective agreement has been signed.  The function of the committee is to prepare collective bargaining proposals and to negotiate a collective agreement.

Political Action Committee –   Reports to the membership various political roles the Local may be involved in.  These may include election campaigns, lobbies, petitions and fundraising.

Public Relations Committee – Assist the Executive in preparing press releases and other publicity material.   Is responsible for the Local’s newsletter and website.

Site Communicator Committee –  Compile and distribute educational/informational materials of interest to the membership.   Recruit Site Communicators on an annual basis and maintain a list of Communicators throughout the district.

Social Committee – Arrange and conduct all social, cultural, and recreational activities of the Local.   Submit event budget proposals to the Executive Board for recommendation to the membership for approval.

CUPE National Committees

CUPE members from across the country serve on national committees and working groups. These activists provide input and valuable feedback on CUPE campaigns and actions on a wide variety of issues.