Local 3550 Committees

Please consider joining any of the following working committees. Please email the union office at to put your name forward. If you would like more information about these committees, please contact the committee chair through Please include your name, home email and the committee name.

  • Membership – Lynn Davis (Chair)
  • Acknowledgement – Marianne Andresen (Chair) ; Susan Woo (Co-Chair)
  • Awareness/Public Relations – Janice Kube
  • Building Society – Amy Bernier (President)
  • Bylaws – Kim Pott
  • CUPE Communicators – Shelly Lavallee
  • Education – Mabel Ong (Chair) ; Susan Woo (Co-Chair)
  • Grievance / Union Stewards – Shelly Lavallee (Acting Chief Steward) Colleen Nash (Co-Chair)
  • Negotiation – Mandy Lamoureux (Co-Spokesperson) Debbie Gervais-Arbane (CUPE National Representative and Co-Chair)
  • Occupational Health and Safety – Mandy Lamoureux (Chair)
  • Political Action / Social Justice – Susan Woo (Chair)
  • Social – Marianne Andresen (Chair)

Affiliated Groups

  • Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) – Colleen Nash (Executive Board and Financial Committee Member) ; Mandy Lamoureux (Group Labour Caucus Member)
  • CUPE Alberta Education Employees Committee (AEEC) – Shelly Lavallee (Liaison)
  • CUPE Alberta Division Executive – Colleen Nash (CUPE AB Treasurer) ; Janice Kube (Edmonton and Area VP) ; Shelly Lavallee (Alternate Edmonton and Area VP)
  • Edmonton District Labour Council (EDLC) – Kim Pott (Liaison)

Committee Descriptions

Acknowledgement Committee – Acknowledges members in the event of the birth, adoption, marriage, leaves for health reasons or death of a member or a family member and makes other appropriate gestures in accordance with the wishes of the family.

Awareness/Public Relations Committee – Organize and manage a CUPE 3550 in Communities Day event once a year and promote 3550 awareness.

Building Society Committee – Holds title to any real estate as trustees for the Local Union and has the ability to purchase, sell, manage, lease, mortgage, dispose of, or otherwise deal with the property of the society.

Bylaw Committee – Reviews the Bylaws annually and make recommendations to the Executive Board and the General Membership on proposed amendments.

Education Committee –  Gather information about educational opportunities of interest to members for union activists, personal growth, etc.  Review all educational applications submitted and makes the appropriate recommendations to the membership for review and voting.  Organize Local 3550 educational events, union activism and social justice.

Membership Committee – From time to time contact the non-members and promote the benefits of being a member.  Be responsible for maintaining an accurate and up to date attendance log at all membership meetings and ensure there is an updated accurate and complete membership list.

Negotiating Committee – A special committee established at least six (6) months prior to the expiry of the Local Union’s collective agreement and automatically disbanded when a new collective agreement has been signed.  The function of the committee is to prepare collective bargaining proposals and to negotiate a collective agreement.

Occupational Health and Safety Committee – Work with the Edmonton Public School District to report member’s health and safety concerns, as well as develop and implement safety procedures, educational material, assessment protocols, and employer requirements for EPSB support staff.

Political Action Committee –   Promote member engagement, and organize political action within the Local and the broader labour movement. These may include election campaigns, lobbies, petitions and fundraising, etc.

Site Communicator Committee –  Compile and distribute educational/informational materials of interest to the membership. Recruit Site Communicators on an annual basis and maintain a list of Communicators throughout the district.

Social Committee – Arrange and conduct all social, cultural, and recreational activities of the Local.   Submit event budget proposals to the Executive Board for recommendation to the membership for approval.

Steward Committee – Union Steward are  grievance handlers, advocates, problem solvers, communicators, leaders, workplace organizers, and human rights’ champions.

       Ad-Hoc Committee – As required

CUPE National Committees

CUPE members from across the country serve on national committees and working groups. These activists provide input and valuable feedback on CUPE campaigns and actions on a wide variety of issues.

CUPE Alberta Committees

CUPE members from across Alberta serve on committees and working groups. These activists provide input and valuable feedback on CUPE campaigns and actions on a wide variety of issues. To find out more about the CUPE Alberta Committees listed below please see the CUPE Alberta website at  and click on committees. If interested please fill out the Committee/Council Application form and send to CUPE 3550 president Jorge Illanes at for approval. The application will then be forwarded to CUPE Alberta.

  • Alberta Aboriginal Council
  • Anti-Privatization and Political Action Committee
  • Pension and Benefits Committee
  • Communication Technology and Literacy Committee
  • Equality and Justice
  • Environment and Health and Safety



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