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Stewards Corner

In order to keep you informed of issues that relate to your employment with Edmonton Public Schools we post articles and information on a variety of subjects in this area.   If you wish to have a specific topic posted or an answer to a question which you feel all members would like to know about, please contact our office and we would be happy to post the answer on “Stewards Corner”

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Employee Working Files 

The District maintains a Human Resources employee file, which is the official district file related to each employee maintained in electronic format in Pinpoint and accessible on-line.

In addition, a working file containing information relative to the supervision and evaluation of staff members may be maintained by your DU/school administrators.  When there is a change in DU/school administrator, staff should be made aware that working files are the property of the District and that they will be provided to the incoming administrator.   Staff members must be provided with an opportunity to review the working file prior to the transfer of information and upon request, provided with copies of the information.

Similarly, for those staff members transferring to a different location, documentation in the working file may be forwarded to the receiving DU/school administrator.   In all cases, staff members must be made aware of the information being transferred and upon request, provided with copies prior to the information being forwarded.