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Have your filled out the CUPE Local 3550 postcard to fight cuts to education? Please only sign 1 postcard and give the other postcards to someone you know that will support the campaign! Contact to get postcards and hand them out to friends, family, neighbours, everyone! Help us flood the legislature with these postcards to stop funding cuts!  Click on this link to send a letter and watch the video featuring Local 3550 members!

Is your Communicator changing during the year? Please fill out this form and return to the union office to keep your union up to date with any changes. Click here for form.


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Counterpoint is CUPE’s national quarterly newsletter. Counterpoint has been designed to bring you news on issues important to CUPE members from a national perspective.

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Tabletalk – your bargaining resource – is published four times a year to provide CUPE local bargaining committees, elected officers and servicing representatives useful information for preparing—and negotiating—bargaining demands. 

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Economy at Work is published four times a year by CUPE to provide workers and their representatives with accessible information and analysis of relevant economic developments and to assist in bargaining.

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Global Justice News provides insight into the work CUPE is doing to contribute to the struggle for global justice and to build effective strategies to defend workers’ rights, human rights and the quality of public services in our communities around the globe.

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CUPE Local 3550
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(780) 455 1435

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