It’s going to take all of us speaking up and refusing to back down. The best way for you to help right now is to help stop Kenney’s budget.

Over 10,000 Albertans have signed onto the petition against Kenney’s budget. Add your voice today.

It’s not OK for Jason Kenney to fire the Elections Commissioner investigating his party and his caucus for the Kamikaze Scandal, fraud, bribery, and more.

It’s not OK for him to increase personal taxes, especially when he’s made you foot the bill for that private plane to fly his Conservative buddies around.

It’s not OK for his staff to be staying in five-star luxury hotels in London at taxpayers’ expense, while back home he’s cutting funding for schools and hospitals, cutting benefits for disabled Albertans, and throwing Albertans off the Seniors’ Drug Benefit Plan.

It’s outrageous.

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