To Support Staff,

I hope that you were able to enjoy your spring break!

Prior to spring break, you were advised to follow the direction of your principal or DU Supervisor concerning working from home or reporting to your school if you are healthy.  This direction has not changed.

Administration has been working over the past 2 weeks to prepare for optional program delivery for our students.  Educational assistants may be able to help support their teachers in some capacity to do this.  Check with your principal and/or teacher if this is something you could do.

Administration will also be providing information in the near future about professional development resources available online for staff to access virtually from their home.  I will provide more information as to where this will be posted when available.

The IDFT & Bumping Process was the hot topic before COVID-19 turned our world upside down.

The timelines are:

  • The Distribution of Funds will be presented to Trustees at the April 14, 2020 Board Meeting for their feedback and approval.
  • Principals/DU Administrators will receive their actual spring budget on April 17, 2020 so they will be able to determine their staffing for the 2020 – 2021 school year.
  • Principals/D.U. Administrators will start having conversations with affected staff after April 17 until May 24, 2020.
  • Staffing will commence the Placement and Bumping process on May 25, 2020 until the end of June.

I remind everyone that it is important you maintain your personal health.

I have included the links from Message #6 again:

  • If you are not well with flu or cold like symptoms, please go to Alberta Health Services website, complete the self-assessment and follow recommendations accordingly.  Alberta Health Services Self Assessment
  • Please see Q&A provided by Edmonton Public Schools Administration.  It may answer some of your questions regarding sick leave or other questions.  COVID-19 Questions and Answers

Excerpt from Superintendent Darrel Robertson’s message to principals.

“For staff coming into school buildings, please ensure they are following advice from our medical professionals, which includes social distancing, coming in only if they’re feeling well and ensuring they are not gathering in large groups. Currently our school buildings are able to be operational, but this could change any day based on the direction of Health officials.”

Stay safe and I will keep you posted as new information is available.