UCP uses pandemic to promote itself

 We received a glossy pamphlet about COVID -19 from the UCP caucus. Is anybody else as offended as I am, that the UCP would dare to use this platform to promote its brand?

They are, for the time being at least, the government of Alberta, and should brand themselves as that. I have never seen another government publication in Canada that was published under the banner of the current controlling party.

This is blatant, shameless political advertising using a public health crisis and taxpayers’ funds, and must stop.

Three weeks ago, $128 million was removed from Alberta’s education funding, leading to the laying off of thousands of mission-critical educational assistants, and was “redirected into Alberta’s COVID-19 response” (a quote from Education Minister Adriana Lagrange).

Is this brochure what they meant by redirection? What other self-serving ways are they going to find to waste our money, to the guaranteed detriment of our highly vulnerable special-needs children and to the eternal shame of Albertans who elected this travesty of a government?

Rob Arrand, Edmonton