Workers and unions fight for fair wages, paid sick leave, pensions, and workplace safety. 

Today, we have the right to do that. 

But not for much longer if this goes through. 

Yesterday, Jason Kenney introduced legislation that will tip the scales against working Albertans. Like Donald Trump, he only wants to hear from CEOs and rich insiders.

If we don’t speak out now, we’ll lose our power to speak out forever. Sign to defend worker rights!

Alberta’s workers are already fighting to stay safe, healthy, and employed during this pandemic. 

We can’t afford to import Trump-style labour laws. Reducing worker power while increasing the power of corporations and the wealthy has put the American middle class on life support.

We can’t let Kenney pull that crap here. But If we don’t fight back NOW, he’ll get away with it.

Sign if you don’t want Alberta to look like Trump’s America: