All people must stand up to Kenney and Stop the Cuts!

Kenney’s Cuts Affect You


The Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) and several Alberta unions, including the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA), unveiled a campaign against the premier on Wednesday.

“The premier wants to frame opposition to his government as a battle with so-called ‘union bosses,’” AFL president Gil McGowan said. “But the truth is that the UCP has launched attacks on many things that Albertans hold dear.

“So it’s not Kenney against unions; it’s Kenney against health care; Kenney against education; Kenney against parks, AISH, and the environment. It’s even Kenney against a responsible response to COVID-19.

“The health-care workers who walked off the job [Monday] showed us what’s possible. But they can’t do it alone. The fight back has to be bigger and it has to be sustained,” McGowan said.