I am writing to thank you for your support and to tell you about the progress we are making.

Our Protect Alberta Healthcare campaign has taken off. Over 20,000 Albertans have used our site to send emails to Jason Kenney.

That’s 20,000 emails telling Kenney his plan to layoff 11,000 health care workers is unacceptable.

Albertans understand that in a pandemic, we need more health care workers, not less.

Today we released remarkable poll results.

Albertans are deeply unhappy with Jason Kenney’s handling of health care. A whopping 74% of Albertans are opposed to Kenney’s plan to fire health care workers. And 69% approve of the one-day strike health care workers took to protect our system.

But we need to keep pushing. Jason Kenney’s refusal to introduce real measures to fight COVID will leave hospitals swamped. We are weeks away from a crisis.

The LAST thing we need is to cut more health care workers and add chaos to the system.

If you haven’t already – please go to http://protectalbertahealthcare.ca/ and send a message to Jason Kenney. It only takes seconds.

If you’ve already sent a letter, send another!

Or share the webpage on Facebook or Twitter. If you shared it once, share it again!

Or forward this message to friends, family and co-workers. Ask them to join the fight.

We need to fill Jason Kenney’s inbox and make him blink. We’re on the way.


Rory Gill
CUPE Alberta

Protect Alberta Health Care