City Council will be considering the privatization of our publicly owned Rec Centres. We can’t let this happen—privatization leads to higher fees and lower quality services with no public accountability.

We firmly believe that Rec Centres should be owned and operated by the City, accessible to all.

If we can let City Council know how strongly we feel about this, then we can stop privatization and keep our Rec Centres affordable and accountable. No public dollars should be used for private profits off the backs of our services! That’s why this action is so important:

Will you send your councillor an email to demand they fight back against privatization of our Rec Centres? It takes 2 mins.

Together, we can keep our necessary services public.

Send your councillor an email to keep Rec Centres public.


Greg Mady
Team Lead, Act for Edmonton


Act for Edmonton is a campaign run by Working Families Edmonton