Children’s well-being should drive government policy

  • Edmonton Journal
  • 13 Jan 2022
  • Rick Baker, Edmonton

One of our granddaughters is in Grade 2 at a public school in southeast Edmonton. She, like thousands of kids, returned to the classroom after Christmas break.

One of the big reasons touted by your premier, your education minister and Dr. Deena Hinshaw for kids returning to school was that socialization was so important for children’s well-being. Today at lunchtime, the kids, of course, lower their masks to eat their lunch. When our granddaughter spoke to her classmates, the teacher told her not to talk when not wearing her mask. So much for socialization.

Kenney, Lagrange and Hinshaw all know some kids will get sick. So in their zeal to have kids return to school, they must be OK with the fact that some children will get sick with COVID. And what does our granddaughter’s experience say about how safe it is for kids to be in school right now? How can/does socialization happen under these conditions?

What matters more? Upholding your premier’s political well-being or the well-being of children?