Calgary moms raising money to give N95 Masks to all school staff

We are two moms and advocates in Calgary who are raising funds to provide N95-level respirators to Alberta teachers and school staff! 

Together with larger partners and grassroots donors, we will raise enough funds to provide 1-month’s worth of respirators to Alberta school staff! While some staff in Calgary and Edmonton will be receiving respirators from school boards and other donors, this initiative will ensure that school staff in rural areas will also have access to respirators. This is a small, yet impactful thing that we can do to protect our communities from the highly-transmissible Omicron variant of COVID-19.

We have partnered with the Canadian Association of PPE Manufacturers and their members Canada Masq, Layfield Medical, Eclipse Innovations and Vitacore Industries to provide Made in Canada respirators to school staff in Alberta. They will be generously matching our fundraising dollar for dollar!!! Experts have determined that respirators can be safely used for up to 40hrs (until they are dirty or the straps break) so for only $5, you can buy one staff member a month’s worth of protection!

This GoFundMe will fund a portion of the total cost, with the remainder of the total cost contributed by generous partner donors. We will post progress of our donor partnerships and total fundraising achieved. Again, our manufacturer partners will be matching our donations so whatever we fund by JANUARY 28 will mean 2x respirators for teachers and school staff!

Schools without educators and support staff are just buildings. These staff have worked tirelessly through three school years of stops, starts, traumas and sickness and we must stand with them by providing protection for them and for children!

Let’s work together to protect Alberta’s education staff!


January 21, 2022by Amanda Hu, Organizer

Our initiative was featured in the Calgary Herald this week! Thank you so much to everyone who is spreading the word about our fundraiser! Every $5 = 1 month of protection for school staff!