Angry populism incites violence

Did Travis Toews and Brian Jean get death threats? I don’t believe it. Has anyone seen a pickup truck with a sign saying “F**k Toews” or “Hang Brian Jean?” Of course not.

They are just trying to say that the hatred they incited against Trudeau, Notley, and Freeland is a normal part of politics. They are trying to divert attention from the source: themselves.

Who caused this hatred which has led to these threats of violence? It was the angry populist Wildrose, UCP, Kenney, and their right-wing media backers. They inflamed anger and hatred of the prime minister and the federal Liberals because they don’t want voters to compare their right-wing, business-friendly policies with the progressive policies of the New Democrats.

The vitriol and hate being perpetrated by these people must stop. Right-wing politicians and media must stop lying and fomenting hatred of progressive parties and groups before their followers are incited to violence.

Ken Zinyk, Edmonton