There is still time!!

Education Experience Survey 

Education support staff workers are seriously and chronically underpaid, with increased workloads to cover the needs of the students.  This is going to be an important year for our locals.  We are going into bargaining in late fall for a new Collective Agreement.  To be able to better represent our concerns to our employers we are gathering information about our jobs and working with education locals across the province for a better deal for us all. 

A survey has been prepared to gather information about your work situation.  It is very important that you and the other CUPE Members you work with fill it out.  The more we know about your work situation, the better armed we are in helping us all.    

Prize:  Fill out the Survey and you could win an iPad (Gen 9)!  

Link to the survey: 

Deadline:  This survey must be completed online no later than Thursday, September 15, 2022.

Need Assistance?  Members needing assistance to complete the survey can contact Mary Elizabeth Archer or Patty Kinahan at the Alberta Regional Office (1-877-937-2873 toll-free) to schedule a time to complete the survey verbally. You can also reach them at or

If you have not already done so, please go to the website “We work for Alberta Kids” website.  Many voices make the message better heard. 

 Please fill it out.  It takes about 15 minutes but really does address our concerns in our jobs.  We need a better deal. 

In solidarity, 

AEEC Executive Committee and the Survey Committee

September 6, 2022