Workers and families are facing major challenges that our provincial government isn’t addressing.

recent poll by Janet Brown shows that an overwhelming majority of Albertans feel the current provincial government is on the wrong track. Now more than ever, we need change.

But to create the change we need, we have to make sure we’re being heard. Will you share your story and help us set the course for what change should look like in Alberta?

Film a quick video or write a short piece about the changes you want to see as a worker in Alberta. Then, share your story with the hashtag #WorkersDemandBetter.

It’s no secret–the current government wants to give our health-care resources to profit-seeking corporations. They’re undercutting our public education system. They’re still making life less affordable, using our tax dollars to give gifts to their insider friends, and proposing to use our Canada Pension funds for their own political agenda.

It’s time to demand better for workers in Alberta. That’s why sharing your personal experience is so important. By sharing stories about the changes workers want to see in our province, we can mobilize others to join our movement and demand better from our government.

Your voice matters. Don’t miss this chance to be heard, Janice.