Dear Local 3550 members,

Our Local was extremely disappointed and appalled at the news on Friday regarding the Critical Benefit Program that the Provincial Government rolled out.  While many Local 3550 Support Staff members received the critical benefit payment, many did not.  Most of the individuals that did not receive the benefit work in a front-line capacity and some work beside those that did receive the benefit. 

Publicly, the government was very untruthful in making it out to look like they appreciated the work of our frontline support staff in Education and that all of our members would be able to receive this benefit.  Friday’s announcement of who qualified for the benefit and who did not is irrefutable proof that they do not care about our support staff.  This is irresponsible and it is hurtful.  While publicly making themselves look like a responsible government that cares about Albertans, they were developing criteria that only helped some of our members.  Shame on them for doing this and treating our members this way.

We are asking those members who did not receive the benefit, to use all measures available to appeal the government’s decision to exclude them, including writing to their MLA.  We are asking that our members also send an email to me at with your stories and information to help us in appealing the actions of this government with respect to the Critical Workers Benefit Program.  We ask those members who did receive the benefit to stand in solidarity with those that were excluded by supporting their efforts and the efforts of CUPE Local 3550 to argue in favour of clerks, LPN’s and others that work for schools and/or work directly with students, staff, and the public.

Currently Local 3550 is looking at all avenues in demanding that this government re-think how the criteria they developed in assessing which workers get it and which workers do not was flawed, especially for those workers in Education.  We are looking at all avenues to demand that this UCP government put their money where their mouth is and give the benefit to all support staff, because they deserve it.  We are looking at all avenues in exposing this government for continuing to refuse to allocate funds to help Albertans like the Federal Government has.  The provincial government needs to put funding in place in order for Albertans to be able to get access to those funds that were committed to all Canadians by the Federal Government. 

Please visit this link for more information:


There you will find information on what is federally committed and what little amount this provincial government is choosing to commit.  This would explain how this government refuses to acknowledge our support staff truly and responsibly.  Please support our members that were excluded, and please support Local 3550 in the work ahead.

For those that did not receive the benefit, know that we stand with you!

In Solidarity,

Jorge Illanes

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